Transaction Application Server

Java based application server

The TAS application server has come about through years of interaction and work on OLTP based systems.


The origional goals for TAS was to create a modular and re-usable unix based application server. The intention of the system was to explore distributed event based simulation systems. The first version of the system was created in the c programming lanugage on BSD/OS. The system was later ported to HPUX, Solaris, and lastly Linux. The inital release was code named GUDI (pronounced Goodie), which stands for Generic Unix Deamon Infrastructure.



When java came on the scene the ease of use of the language perpetuated a project to migrate TAS from c/c++ to java. This version of the deamon pulled along a lot of the origional C deamon "baggage". However new capabilities were integrated in using the infrastructure ritch capabilities of java. Version 2 of TAS was codenamed Goldfish.



The next version of tas will make use of OSGi frameworks as a mechignism for modularization. The new project is code named flare and will be based off of the eclipse project's equinox OSGi container.