Tech talk and commentary

There are various subjects we would like to touch upon. To facilitate different formats of communications, some subjects will be presented in a more formal atmosphere as would be appropriate in any business or scolastic environment. In other situations a brief commentary is all that is desired. In which case a less formal post will be made. This communications page is intended to be the launch pad into these various styles of presentiom. We will try to choose a style the best suits the subject matter and/or content that we are providing.


Formal communications

The technotes section is meant to house documentation and communicatins that are more formal or lenghtly in nature. Information within this segment of the website is intended to be in whitepaper format. These communications should also be more detail based.



Informal communications

The Blog section should be self explanitory. Postings within this section should be both less formal as well as shorter in nature. In many cases entries are more a commentary or an opinion on a subject.