Solid Rock Solutions LLC

The company, founded in 1998, is the legal entity under which the creative and professioal talents of owner Aaron Myers are solicited to the web community. Intended as a soundingboard by which to present reserach and technical notes our desire is to participate in the continued embeterment of the Computer Science industry. To this end we look forward to the exchange of information and ideals with the computing industry at large.

Our sight is intended to cater to two distinct areas. Information exchange and software components. Information , such as short technical commentaries and audio/video webinars are provided under our blog seciont While various software components developed for reserach are discussed and provided under our projects pages. We encourange visitors to check out each of these sections based on their interest.


Participation in the community.

Current community participation consits of attendence at various IT Martini conventions hosted within the central Ohio area.


Professional Corporate participation

Full time professional enguagement is currently with the JPMorgan Chase Co