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Requires Resolution Woes

Woes (07/14/2012 16:50:00)

I was working on testing out how the equinox OSGi container deals with plugin requirement resultion relecently, and I was quickly disappointed. While the container does what it is supposed to do when an actual java class instance is loaded, it fails to load bundles that are required what who have non java content. What is this important? From a configuration standpoint part of the appeal of OSGi is that it will deal with depenency managment. If the container is not really doing this in its entirety then some of the luster is kinda lost. I may be way out of bounds here but its kind of like someone went a little lax on implementation.

While this is not a showstopper it does have me once again wonering "why o why do I ever try and use other peoples infrastruture code?"