Big Trak 2022

IOT POC Project

The goal of this project is to gain experience with microcontroller coding as well as the usage of associated electronic hardware equipment such as: dc motor controller boards, bluetooth boards, RGB leds, and other robotic related components.

Design goals

The intention is to acquire a 1979 Big Trak and replace the internal electronics. The desired feature list is:

  • Reproduce all origional tank capabilities: Move forward, Move Backward, Fire cannon, Turn left, Turn right, Pause
  • Extend the origional capabilitiy limit of 16 commands to allow for larger size "programs".
  • Add a LCD display as a means of providing user feedback for commands.
  • Add forward facing Led Headlamps
  • Add downward facing RGB Led flood lamps for undercarriage illumination
  • Provide remote control capabilities via Smartphone application