Big Trak 2022

Chassis Assembly construction

Here are some pictures on the process of modifying main chassis for the lights and to hold the electronic components.

Front chassis modifications for Initial shell pre-modifications.



Main motor power feeds, and left right motor feeds lines run.


Right main chassie pre flood RBG Led addition.


Led holes drilled.


Leds wired up.


Leds mounted into location.


Led wiring expanded over to left side of chassie.


Wiring up left side RGB Leds.


Building up motor feed line PCB boards for assembly / connectivity to DC Motor board


Motor board installed and connected to motor feed PCB Boards.



Electrical schematic to create the proper voltage divider for a bluetooth board.


My rendition of a PCB board to support the design requirements.


Completed bluetooth wireing assemply.


Components all in their proper places..


Building PCB board for + 5V and Ground bus line between Arduino and all components.


Mounting in board.


Componets all in place...


Create PCB Board for motor power and arduino power duplex on/off swich.


Locked down arduino mega board, and created attachments for all input/output pins.


Install fiber optics to interal component led lights for outside visibility on under side of the chassis.


Final internal component assembly. Ready for close up.