Yak App

Android test app

This project was created to help test the TAS gateway router as well as provide a sample distributed test suite. The goal of the app is to demonstate linking and app on the Android platform (Java Dalvak) to the TAS C/C++ infrastructure , to the TAS Java based platform (Sun Java JVM).

The main priciples are to demonstarte object network transparancy by allowing the android application to connect to a TAS server on the internet, and to transparently have messages routed to another TAS server.

As of 11/12 messaging is posible through the path illustrated below utilizing a mocked out TAS Java implementation. Additional work is currently going on within the C TAS implemenation on the gateway proxy router module which will be followed up with the TAS Java based Gateway Proxy Connector modeule. Once this is complete the end service does not need to be aware of network routing implementation. Nor does the android app need to be aware of these complexities.


I'll post additional details under the Gatway Router project those interested.